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Diana’s is now certified by the Upcycled Food Association!


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By using just ripe, delicious bananas that would otherwise go to waste due to superficial blemishes or an imperfect shape, Diana’s is helping to reduce food waste, one Banana Baby at a time.

With 28% of global agricultural land going to grow food that is never eaten, upcycling can offer more revenue to farmers for the crops they already grow. It also helps to ensure that resources like the water, energy, and land resources that went into producing the crops doesn’t go to waste.

By using bananas that would not be sold in retail otherwise due to their skin imperfections or imperfect sizing, Diana’s is doing their part to help ensure these still delicious bananas still come to your local freezer and our local farmers are supported!

Reducing food waste is the #1 solution to mitigating the climate crisis (according to Project Drawdown).

Upcycling is elevating all food to its highest and best use by transforming surplus ingredients into new, high-quality products like Diana’s.

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