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melted dark chocolate…yum

The celebration for Bob Carmody’s 25th year as Diana’s Bananas president continues…

In part 3 of our 4-part blog series, we ‘dip’ into the details of our gourmet chocolate that makes our delicious chocolate-covered Banana Babies and Banana Bites. (Missed our first two blog posts? Page down to learn about Bob and Diana’s Bananas.)

Ever wonder about the chocolate used by Diana’s Bananas? Well, it’s a special formula made by another Chicago company called, Bloomers Chocolates. This unique, gourmet chocolate not only ensures it coats the banana with a single dipping, but also stays on the banana while you are enjoying Diana’s Bananas Banana Babies or Banana Bites. In case you didn’t know, we have three formulas – dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and a special blend of dark chocolate and milk chocolate, with a higher percentage of dark chocolate, for the Banana Bites. Each one is delicious!

With the movement towards healthy snack alternatives, Diana’s Bananas is mentioned in Liz Vaccariello’s book Flat Belly Diet. It promotes the benefits of MUFA, a nutrient found in several foods, including dark chocolate. Additionally, aPrevention Magazine article cited Diana’s Bananas as a favorite which lead to new business, this time with a government contract and an Australian partnership. Lately, nursing homes have fund Diana’s Bananas a convenient way to boost potassium in patients whose medication depletes it.

What started out with an idea back in 1984 has turned into building a solid business continuing to grow, right here in Chicago.

Coming up…Hear how Bob Carmody continues to give back to the community.