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Diana’s Bananas – Delicious, 4 WW points, and available online!


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Enjoying a healthy, chocolate-covered snack that’s 4 WW points makes Diana’s Bananas the ideal treat for product review blogger, Missy Product Reviews. To her, the Banana Bites takes her to tropics – which sounds pretty good right now! There’s more good news for chocolate fans! Banana Babies are coated in both milk chocolate or dark chocolate which makes it a satisfying treat. Now that you are ready to head to the store to pick up a few boxes, at least, of Diana’s Bananas, you can now buy them online, too!

Read Missys Product Reviews and be sure to order your favorite Diana’s Bananas product online or find them at your local grocery retailer.   And, find Diana’s Bananas on sale at these retailers.



Photo: Missys Product Reviews