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Bananas Really Do Make a Healthy Snack!


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Are you are saying, “Wait…I heard that bananas have too many carbs or too much sugar.” Well, according to a 2015 Harvard study, the findings showed that eating bananas were not associated with weight gain. Since they contain fiber, bananas can reduce your appetite. Read on to find out a few ways why bananas are good for you!


Healthy heart!

Bananas are good for your heart in a couple of ways. One being they are high in fiber, with 3 grams per medium-sized banana. According to studies, fiber lowers the LDL cholesterol which could reduce risk for heart disease and stroke. Secondly, bananas prevent the absorption of cholesterol in our body because it contains phytosterols.


Decreases blood pressure

Bananas contain potassium which helps lower blood pressure. This occurs by reducing the effect of sodium and flushing it from your body.


Workout Buddy

Reduce muscle cramps by enjoying a banana before or after your workout, and even during it. Bananas contain a mix primarily of potassium, magnesium, and calcium; include healthy carbs and you’ve got a great snack.


Treat Yourself and Others!

And, don’t forget to enjoy bananas as a frozen treat. It’s no surprise that we, at Diana’s Bananas, like ours dipped in chocolate. With 130 calories for Banana Babies and 100 calories for Banana Bites, they make the perfect healthy snack for all ages!

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