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Meet the happiest bananas in the world.

At Diana’s Bananas, we do it right—making the finished product is a 14-step procedure that includes purchasing, testing, peeling, sizing, freezing and dipping—and you’ll taste the results of our hard work in every delicious bite!

Our team personally selects only fully ripe, creamy, sweet white bananas, which we quick freeze to -20 degrees fahrenheit. The result is an easy-to-bite banana with texture so smooth, you’ll think you’re eating ice cream.

After our quick freezing process, we dip the bananas in real bar chocolate. We never use chocolate flavored coatings or other inferior substitutes. The world’s best bananas deserve real chocolate—you do, too!

Diana’s Bananas Banana Babies
Milk Chocolate

The original. It’s “Weirdly Good” It’s the one that started it all—the world’s creamiest, most flavorful banana enrobed in mind-blowingly delicious milk chocolate. One bite and you’ll realize: weird is good. Four Weight Watchers points never tasted so good.
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Diana’s Bananas Banana Babies
Dark Chocolate

It’s getting dark in here: And that’s a good thing, because we’re talking about our decadently flavorful dark chocolate. Once you’ve experienced our frozen banana encased in rich dark chocolate, you’ll realize—you’ve just seen the light. Find out how four little Weight Watchers points can taste so good!
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Diana’s Bananas Banana Babies
Milk Chocolate & Peanuts

Going bananas? Go nuts, too! Our creamy frozen bananas emerge from a dunk in our luxurious milk chocolate bath before being lovingly hand-rolled in a bed of freshly roasted Spanish peanuts. Is your mouth watering yet? We thought so.
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Banana Bites

Take A Bite! Everything that goes into making our delectable treats is top-of-the-line, just amazing. Real, frozen fruit slices paired with premium chocolate create delicious treats that will take your tastebuds to the tropics.
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